How a Web Database Can Make You Money

A database is any collection of related information, or data, that is organized for convenient access.  A sorted collection of baseball cards could be considered a database, but usually we think of databases in a computer.  A relational computer database organizes information into related tables with rows and columns.  I’m sure that you probably already knew this, but did you know that a database can make you money?

There three common ways that you can make money with a database on the Internet:

  1. Selling information
  2. Reducing expenses
  3. Enabling customers to take action
The information in your database can be your product to sell.  Or a database can reduce your costs.  Since profit equals revenue minus expenses then savings in expenses mean more money in your pocket.  However, you need customers to take action to gain revenue and a database will help them do that by automating your business processes.

Info for Sale

If you have a collection of information that people would find valuable then a database will allow you organize it for sale. Think of all the non-fiction books for sale in bookstores. Many of these are collections of information that come from a database. Any book or reference resource that has multiple entries, each with similar types of details then this information can take advantage of database rows and fields:

  • Travel guides
  • Repair manuals
  • Business contacts
  • Trading systems
  • Recipes
There are a few ways that you can use a database to sell information. You can sell subscriptions for members to access the information online. You could also compile the information into an e-book. You could give the information away for free and make money by advertising.

Automatic Savings

Do you have an existing business where you have staff to service customers? You can setup your website to allow customers to serve themselves:

  • Check order status
  • Update address
  • Report problems
  • Provide online manuals
  • Answer frequent questions
This will allow you to serve many more customers with the same staff, saving you money.

Robot Workforce

Finally, a web database can make you money by helping you bring in more income.  By automating your order process you can take orders 24/7/365, bringing in income you’d otherwise.  Remember, your website is the same distance from your target market as is your competitor’s: one click. When a customer visits your site you need to be able to close the deal.  If you’re a hotel you need to take reservations, if you’re a service business then your customers should be able to make appointments, if you’re in real estate then your customers need to be able to see your current listings.

A web database can perform these services automatically, acting as robot workforce, turning website visitors into customers, bringing you money.