Updated Home Page Shows what DbEasy can Offer

We’ve updated the home page of DbEasy.com with a clean, three-column, mobile-friendly layout.  The top of the page features a banner and tag line with three simple options:

  • Sign-up
  • Learn more
  • Log in


DbEasy mobile web application services

The “Learn More” links to this blog because this is where we document all the news, features, and success stories for DbEasy.

As you scroll down you see a grid with icons and text describing some of the applications you can create with DbEasy:

DbEasy sample applications

This layout is mobile friendly.  When you view it on a small view port like your phone it collapses into a single column:


When you scroll down you see more:


As we continue to develop new features and applications for DbEasy we will add to and improve the home page.


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