Required Field Validation

When you create a new table with DbEasy you can specify that some of the fields are required, meaning that you cannot save a record to the database unless you enter a value for those fields.

For example here are the fields in the standard DbEasy People table:


Notice that First name and Last name are marked with asterisks. This means that those fields are required.  You can have a person without a title, middle initial, suffix, email, or gender.  But the minimum that we need to have is the person’s name, both first and last, for the record in the database to be useful.

DbEasy helps you out with this by providing validation messages.  If you leave out the values in either of these fields and click “Add” then you will see this message:


When you fill in all the required fields then you can save the record.

This is yet another example of how DbEasy makes it easy to create your own custom web application.  You get clear, friendly error messages without doing any programming.


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