Create an Online Database in Minutes with DbEasy

DbEasy makes databases easy.  We provide database hosting with a dynamic mobile web user interface.  What this means is that we provide you a “database in the cloud” that you can access from anywhere.  Your data is secure, only accessible through your login.  We provide you with basic editors that let you add, view, update and delete data with any of the tables in your database.

You can start using DbEasy right now, for free, and have a database created in minutes.  Begin by going to


Start by clicking the Sign Up button.  Then enter your email address and create a password:


Your email will be your login ID, no need to remember a separate user name.  DbEasy will now send a confirmation code to your inbox:



Click on the link in the email and your account is activated and ready for login:




The first time you log in the system will ask you to select a base application:


DbEasy gets you up and running quickly with a catalog of professionally designed database applications.  We are always expanding and improving this catalog.  Some of the base applications include:

  • Shopping Cart
    • Define products
    • Track orders
    • Integrates with PayPal
  • Contact Manager
    • Collect opt-in email addresses
    • Track opt-outs and bad emails
    • Do email marketing
    • Track responses
  • Registration System
    • Allow people to register online for classes or events
    • Manage instructors
    • Set up schedules
    • Let people pay online for classes or events

When you click one of the buttons the system will do several things automatically:

  • Allocate a SQL Server database
  • Create all the tables for you selected application
  • Walk you through configuration
  • Setup your system dashboard

This is your DbEasy dashboard:


We will cover all of the dashboard functions in a later post.

To get started with your own online database just go to and follow the instructions in this post.

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