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“... miraculous events turned my life around, from victim to victorious, and gave me strength to become the survivor I am today”.—Cindy Charlton


Learn to Inspire the Survivor Within, Cindy Charlton
(Author of The Survivor’s Handbook)

Things happen in our lives that can be or have been tough for us to handle. But sometimes we make choices which can make our situation even worse than it already is. How we process events, actions, and words determines our success in our jobs, relationships, and personal lives. In this training you will learn how to change negatives into positives. You will be able to handle any situation in your life with far less stress. You will discover how to be positive and cope with even the worst of circumstances. You will find out how to inspire the survivor within.

In this training you will:
• Explore the strategies of becoming a Survivor
• Define the characteristics of Survivors, and see which ones you have, and how to acquire more
• Recognize what keeps you from embracing the survivor you can be
• Learn how not being a survivor affects those around you
• Discover the survivor tools you’ll need to embrace the survivor within

Disability Diva
What Do You Say to a One Armed Lady?

This training is designed to put you at ease, and to allow you to be yourself without fear of offending people with disabilities. As a person with disabilities, I can assure you that the more uncomfortable you are around us, the more uncomfortable we become. This training will provide the tools you need to feel confident around someone with disabilities. You will learn what to say, and how to act. You will discover your own comfort level. Be prepared to laugh, and maybe even shed a tear or two. Some people call this Disability Etiquette, I simply call it De-Mystifying Disabilities or…
”What Do You Say to a One Armed Lady?”
Through this training you will learn:

Appropriate language

Speech Topics

The Art of Never Giving Up
I deliver a powerful and inspirational message of fighting through a life threatening illness, my subsequent disability as a result of that illness, and the death of my beloved husband Michael in my speech, “Dreams, Desire, and Determination, (the art of never giving up)”. I take my audience through the agony and triumphs over the past thirteen years of my life. I describe how miraculous events turned my life around, from victim to victorious, and gave me strength to become the survivor I am today. Accompanied by an amazing power point presentation chronicling my journey, this speech could be used for any event from a Graduation to a motivational extravaganza.

Here, by the Grace of God, Living Proof of the Power of Prayer
Through this speech, “Here, by the Grace of God, Living Poof of the Power of Prayer”, I give an awe-inspiring and amazing account of God’s divine intervention in saving my life.” Lying flat on my back, attached to every life sustaining machine, and monitor imaginable, I recount my personal experience with God, on one life changing, life saving night in the ICU. I know that I am the living proof of the Power of Prayer, and that I am here today, by the Grace of God. I share my story of unconditional love and light, in a powerful and inspirational message of how to live in grace and gratitude to God. God not only once, but twice gave me the miracle of life.