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“Cindy Charlton is a living inspiration. Hearing her speak at my church was an uplifting, motivating experience that forever changed my life for the better. Her heartwarming generosity is an every day part of her life and a reminder to each of us that every day is a miracle to cherish. Through her humble heroics, Cindy transcends from her mortal encasement into an ethereal angel.”—Kevin Yates, Church Member


Cindy Charlton was appointed by Governor John Hickenlooper to the State Physical Therapy Board.

State Appointment
Cindy Charlton Resume
Cindy Charlton is the originator and creator of Project Stocking Stuffer.
The next Project Stocking Stuffer is on December 5, 2010 at Littleton Prep Charter School (LPCS). Stay tuned for more details.