maureen-wells    Maureen Wells

Author, Ageless Outings

Maureen has enjoyed escorting cognitively and physically handicapped seniors via her Daytripping program since 1997. Having led over 1900 Daytrips, Maureen has gleaned an extensive knowledge of “places to go” to destinations throughout the greater Denver region. Ageless Outings was initially created in response to numerous Daytripping family members asking her for a list of “all those great places you have taken Mom”.
Maureen received her Master’s degree in Community Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing from the University of Colorado. Her early professional career included both inpatient and community mental health experiences in Buffalo, New York. After raising two sons, she began serving the senior population, particularly those with early stage Alzheimer’s disease, including ten years as an Alzheimer’s Association volunteer leading Family Support Group meetings .At the same time, Maureen partnered with Daytripping’s founder, Linda Melbardis when the program was Parker-based.
In 1998 Maureen established Daytripping, Inc. and expanded the program to include the north Denver area. Since November 1999, the Daytripping program became linked to the Johnson Adult Day Program in Englewood with Maureen managing the program. Until “retiring” in early 2012, she led Daytrips three days a week.
Besides Daytripping, Maureen provides Unforgettable Art Programs, an endeavor that she began fithteen years ago. Unforgettable Art programs present artwork to small groups. When her sons were in elementary school, Maureen was one of the art program’s “picture ladies”, which planted the idea of presenting art prints to small groups. Over the years, the Unforgettable Art program has evolved to be a cognitively stimulating program for seniors as well as a refreshing format for a wide variety of groups of all ages, who just want to appreciate art on site. Recently she has begun training others in presenting these programs.
When Maureen first learned about an art for Alzheimer’s program at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), she attended one of their monthly programs to view it first-hand. Finding several similarities between her Unforgettable Art program and MoMA’s “Meet Me at MoMA-Alzheimer’s Project” program, she eagerly attended several of their workshops. Since then, Maureen has been introducing local art museums and agencies in the MoMA style techniques of presenting art to those with dementia and their caregivers.
On a personal note, Maureen has a wonderful husband of 39 years, Bruce who has been very supportive during the writing of Ageless Outings and its revisions. Their eldest son Andy works in Seattle with a Public Affairs consulting firm. Son Dan is a physician in his 3rd year as a Radiology resident in Denver.

 mary-archer-photo  Mary Archer

Founder, Out and About Colorado.

My work experience has allowed me to serve people during all stages of Alzheimer’s, providing Recreational Therapy in nursing homes, designing and conducting daytrips in an Adult Day Program and as a professional one-on-one caregiver through a home healthcare agency. I completed the “Savvy Caregiver Program” offered by the Alzheimer’s Association, and I am qualified as one of their “Leaders in Dementia Care”. I have a Certificate in Gerontology from UCLA, an undergraduate degree in Sociology, and am currently working on my Masters in Gerontology. My training and experience has helped me learn how best to serve those with dementia on many levels.

My passion is for helping those with Younger Onset/Early-Mid Stage Alzheimer’s.

What a unique group this is, and what a pleasure it is to be able to assist them. I have discovered a group of people who are engaged, funny, interesting, creative, productive, energetic, loving, and eager to stay active; yet they have suddenly found they have certain limitations.

I created a program I call Out and About Colorado which aims to specifically serve this community.

It is important for me to get to know each client, to discover his or her personal goals, and together design a program that best suits them and their loved ones.

I am fortunate to be one of those people who enjoys going to work every day. We have a lot of laughs, we visit interesting places, and we have fun! We enjoy being outdoors, learning new things and sharing experiences. We’re in this journey together, this program is a partnership, and I encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible.